What’s after newsletters?!

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future of newsletters

For governments that want to communicate with their constituents, newsletters are no longer an effective solution. Unfortunately, newsletters have fallen victim to overuse, where too easy to send has become too easy to ignore. Most potential recipients seem to think that if it was meaningful, it wouldn’t be in a newsletter. And that’s one of the main issues – in a fast-paced world where attention is hard to gain and maintain both, newsletters lack the urgency of now.

Newsletter issues are also compounded by a lack of desire on the part of users to sign up for anything that requires sharing personal information or registration. Even if the newsletter is good, the fear of that information being sold – or stolen- makes it seem not worth it.

The problems extend beyond the users, too. Organizations that send newsletters also have issues on their end. For one, it’s hard to know when you’ve been successful. Was it trapped in a SPAM filter? There’s no easy way to know.

But the biggest problem is the same for both the creators and potential recipients. Newsletters don’t integrate with mobile devices, which is how your constituents want to access information and services now. When most people (80%, even) now use their mobile devices to access information and services online, giving users the information via their preferred method of access is imperative.

Users have different demands than they did even 5 years ago. They want information when they want it, not on a schedule. They want information and services to be functional and convenient (aka integrated on their mobile device). They want to maintain their privacy, from advertisers and identity thieves both. And they want to stay safe, which means real-time alerts when necessary. Newsletters simply can’t meet those demands.

Governments also have their own set of communication needs newsletters can no longer meet.  They have to provide information without exposing their users to risk. They need to serve the entire community, which means they need to be available via mobile devices. And they need simple yet effective communication solutions.  And again, newsletters can’t fulfill those requirements.

However, there is a simple way to meet the desires of both governments and their constituents, one that overcomes the obstacles newsletters face. And it’s easier to provide than you might think. It’sMyTown can help governments with a communications solution that integrates with mobile devices, doesn’t require user registration or collect personal data of any kind, and can deliver real-time and urgent information when necessary. And it requires no additional IT backend. The It’sMyTown app, created by ITsimple, gives you control of the message and a way to reach your residents in the way they prefer to receive it – via their mobile device.  When you’re ready for a better method of communication than newsletters, It’sMyTown is ready to go with a proven mobile strategy for success already in place. It’sMyTown is for everyone.