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CityGuards For Police App

One secure dashboard for all updates

Now more than ever, every Police Departments’ reputation matters. With the CityGuards Police App, you can build public trust and improve your
reputation while enabling your local citizens to become part of the solution. Provide real-time mobile access to information and services. Become proactive and enhance your intelligence by putting more eyes on the streets with quick incident reporting. Increase awareness with real-time area based alerts, FAQs and user feedback/poll interaction. 

Develop A Positive Reputation & Build Public Trust!

Are you a local government official searching for a Mobile Police App designed to improve community engagement?  Are you a concerned citizen searching for an effective way to reach local government officials about ridiculously long hold-times when calling your local Police Department or 911?

If so, you just found the solution that you have been searching for!

CityGuard’s For Police is the Mobile App that provides you with a direct line to your local Police Department and other Local Government Officials. 

In addition to enhancing Community Oriented Policing efforts, ITsimple has recognized the need for a non-emergency reporting solution to complement the 911 emergency service by enabling law enforcement to receive detailed crime tips (picture, location) from citizens using the most popular device for online services, the mobile phone. With CityGuards®, law enforcement agencies get enhanced incoming intelligence by putting more eyes on the streets with quick incident reporting from the public.

Built For Community Oriented Policing

CityGuards For Police App

CityGuards For Police App

One secure dashboard for all updates

Many Local Police Departments throughout the USA and constantly monitoring crime statistics such as the number of robberies, assaults, shootings and deaths.   Unfortunately, there has not been much effort to monitor how the residents of the community feel about their local police officers. 

CityGuards for Police is a mobile app that has established a proven track record for enhancing community engagement between Police Officers and local residents. 

ITsimple offers a turnkey solution for governments where customers bring only content and includes:

  • Subscription to our native end-user mobile apps[1] for governments; It’sMyTown®, CityGuards®.
  • A modern ADA compliant mobile responsive website and hosting.
  • An administrative, web-based user-friendly secure customer portal for real-time updates to publish online services and information simultaneously across a website, mobile app, and social media all at once using one dashboard.
  • ITsimple’s online services, training, maintenance, technical support and customer success.

Connected is protected!

Engage with your local First Responders!

CityGuards empowers you to become involved with your community safety efforts and interact with local police and fire departments. Report a crime tip or fire hazard, hear the latest from your public safety officials, get quick access to vital services, volunteer, participate in events, and get real-time alerts! Find easy access to contact your local police or fire authority and more. Privacy first – no registration required or user information gathered. Time to get involved!

CityGuards is a free mobile app, publically available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store for the public to use with no registration requirements. On your mobile device, click here to download CityGuards and type “Bernardino” to experience it firsthand.

The police staff gets access to our secured customer portal, which is one dashboard to control it from a single place. CityGuards is also integrated with social media like Facebook and Twitter, enabling staff to post information across channels with a check of a box. And, there is absolutely no technical resources or skills needed for a police force to use CityGuards.

CityGuards For Police App



  • Multifactor authentication 
  • Data encryption 
  • Role and module based access controls
  • Ongoing updates 

Reliable infrastructure

  • Hosting for the website/app and data
  • Maintain 99.9% up-time
  • Better performance with multiple storage locations
  • Data backup and restore  

Customer service

Online services for CityGuards Police App

  • Training 
  • Platform back-end and front-end maintenance (web and mobile)
  • Technical support
  • Customer Success 
  • Contact us via phone, email and chat

Receive Crime Tips And Other Policing Related Issues From Citizens

Provide Access To Online Services Like Offenders Lists and Paying Fines

Educate The Public With Readiness and Crime Prevention Awareness

Share Department Achievements And Local Events. Recruit Officers

Provide quick access to non-emergency services. Citizens can access fire or crime reports, request a police patrol, ask for a home or business inspection, and pay a traffic ticket.

Promote your events and community engagement. Stay engaged with your community by inviting them to participate in local events like open houses, fundraising, Touch-A-Truck, etc.

Enable residents to report concerns. Receive reports from your community regarding potential hazards or crime tips including location, description and photos of the community hazard.

Share pertinent and timely news. Recognize your team’s efforts and publish public service announcements.

Fire and Police Stations. Allow your citizens to locate a station close to them, including its location and phone number.

Send breaking news alerts and important updates with notifications right to your citizens’ mobile devices.

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