The rise of municipal mobile apps

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GMA convention

Last week, at the state of Georgia municipal association (GMA) annual convention in the beautiful city of Savannah, ITsimple and its civic content platform have gotten more validation than it could ever wish for. Stating the obvious sometimes seems unnecessary, yet we feel the urge to say it again ‘MOBILE IS HERE’. As we’ve been sharing with many elected officials and local government staff – ‘a website, responsive as it will be, even with the mix of publishing content through the social channels – simply doesn’t cut it anymore’

Many reasons why the outstanding ones are: people are not browsing to local gov. websites on a regular basis and the social channels introduced major privacy concerns to the public eyes in the last couple of years. While most people live in communities, why didn’t we see more official mobile apps in towns, cities, and counties? Simple answer: despite the unquestionable advantages and value that mobile apps deliver to its users (i.e. navigation, alerts, camera and much more) mobile apps are complicated to design, build, publish, maintain, enhance and even more important is the ability to update. In today’s dynamics, content should be accessible (mobile) and dated (real-time). Not anymore. In a live demo of its Cloud-based SaaS CMS, ITsimple shared with officials from tens of cities across GA that an official mobile app is feasible and doesn’t require investments in IT infrastructure nor technical skills from the municipality. Today’s game is all about end-user value. We make ITsimple.