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Responsive website Vs. a Mobile App?

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We see many local Gov. websites coming to maturity nowadays. With that, comes the need for smarter government engagement media’s. ADA requirements, video and voice are no strangers to a ‘website upgrade’ requirements and bids out there. They are all very important and budgets are directed that way. The common action is “let’s ask IT to speak to our website vendor and set something up” – here is a news flash: a “responsive” website is NOT an alternative to a mobile app (even if a web design vendor tells you so). The technology is simply not there yet.Read More »Responsive website Vs. a Mobile App?

GMA convention

The rise of municipal mobile apps

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Last week, at the state of Georgia municipal association (GMA) annual convention in the beautiful city of Savannah, ITsimple and its civic content platform have gotten more validation than it could ever wish for. Stating the obvious sometimes seems unnecessary, yet we feel the urge to say it again ‘MOBILE IS HERE’. As we’ve been sharing with many elected officials and local government staff – ‘a website, responsive as it will be, even with the mix of publishing content through the social channels – simply doesn’t cut it anymore’Read More »The rise of municipal mobile apps