Successful government communication also means customer service

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websites and mobile

When the new normal is change, local governments need a better way of communicating with their constituents than just a web site. But what approach is best? Civic engagement now means interacting with your community where they already are – on their mobile device, on social media, and on the go. And it means providing customer service to your residents, because that’s what they are now – customers who have the same expectations of customer service with their local government as they have with their supermarket. They want to be able to access online services, find information while on the move, and when necessary provide feedback.  

Local governments need a digital communications strategy geared for success in the modern era. That means delivering improved customer service, frequent community engagement, and centralized access to information and services via their mobile devices. With Spotlight CMS, you can jumpstart your digital communications and shift to a user-first community engagement approach designed to maximize how users already access information and services. Spotlight CMS gives you one centralized portal from which to manage your communications portfolio (mobile, web, and social media channels) all at once. It helps streamline your communications and enables you to give residents up to date information and directly connect with constituents in real-time. And because it’s a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), there’s no technical skills or backend IT infrastructure required on your part.

And paired with the It’sMyTown user app, you have a complete digital publication strategy and mobile solution for civic engagement. It’s a win-win situation where your residents get the features they need like online utility bill pay, real time information on local events, and the ability to communicate with their elected officials all without giving up their privacy. And you get an ADA compliant mobile solution ready to download and go.

Community engagement can go a long way towards helping you find the right way of conducting the new normal. With Spotlight CMS, it’s easy to inform residents of any changes in community status, relay the latest health information, and post official communications from government representatives. SpotlightCMS lets you deliver improved civic communications with less time spent managing the process. In the digital era constituents are now customers who have expectations of being able to access what they want on-demand and with minimal effort. In turn, local governments need to consider customer service when implementing a communication strategy. ITsimple can help you deliver the communication services and functionality necessary for success in the modern era.