Responsive website Vs. a Mobile App?

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responsive website and mobile app

We see many local Gov. websites coming to maturity nowadays. With that, comes the need for smarter government engagement media’s. ADA requirements, video and voice are no strangers to a ‘website upgrade’ requirements and bids out there. They are all very important and budgets are directed that way. The common action is “let’s ask IT to speak to our website vendor and set something up” – here is a news flash: a “responsive” website is NOT an alternative to a mobile app (even if a web design vendor tells you so). The technology is simply not there yet.

Mobile apps already support all the above and much more, on the operating system itself. That is even before we, the techies bring more value and customization to those very basic requirements which are trending us all to the future of ‘artificial intelligence’. Mobile apps are more secure by the nature of the beast – where they live. Think about that as a ‘gated community’. We will be getting ongoing software updates whether we like them or not. The smartphones manufacturers will push it to our phones one way or another.

In the nutshell: Mobile is truly accessible. It’s native to smartphone’s operating systems, thus – security, users’ favorite apps in use, ADA, video and voice are all already there. That equals value and value drives users traffic. Need to Connect with your Community where the users and technology are? Don’t settle for less. Consider complementing your website with a mobile app (we make ITsimple), soon enough you’ll realize that the website is really completing the Mobile App. Think like a user.