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Advance to Community Oriented Policing / Fire & Rescue Services

Geared for your public safety daily tasks


Let residents engage with the police department in a variety of ways from inside the single app. Keep residents up-to-date with news on safety, regulations, and events.


Promote fire safety within
your community and provide 
easy access to important information
to your citizens


Provide your citizens with quick access
to emergency medical services

Provide quick access to non-emergency services. Citizens can access fire or crime reports, request a police patrol, ask for a home or business inspection for fire hazards, and pay a traffic ticket.

Promote your events and community engagement. Stay engaged with your community by inviting them to participate in local events like open houses, fundraising, touch a truck, etc.

Enable residents to report concerns. Receive reports from your community regarding potential hazards or crime tips including location, description and photos of the community hazard.

Share pertinent and timely news. Recognize your team’s efforts and publish public service announcements.

Fire and Police Stations. Allow your citizens to locate a station close to them, including its location and phone number. 

Send breaking news alerts and important updates with notifications right to your citizens’ mobile devices.