Privacy. It’sMyTown was built for local governments with users privacy first in mind.

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In our last blog, we shared mind around how a responsive website isn’t a native mobile app and doesn’t match the usability or functionality of a mobile app.

Let’s talk about users privacy. It’s already common news that Facebook was fined ~$5 billion for violating users privacy. ‘LaLiga’ The official soccer league in Spain was fined €250,000 for spying on users, under the new privacy laws enforced. The social networks are starting to face their own music. Following the European ‘general data protection regulation‘ (or GDPR in short) and the state of CA ‘consumer privacy act‘ (or CCPA in short) — It’s only a matter of time until more states or the nation will start implementing strict privacy laws and enforcement agencies (taking from the giants sounds like a potentially good income vehicle for governments), giving the power back to the people. As our founder comments ‘when it comes to privacy, it’s a jungle out there’. At some point along the way the social networks will be forced to create a ‘don’t collect or sell my personal information’ button, that will be the beginning of the end of all the giants we created ourselves by unintentionally and unwillingly feeding them our own personal information (many times in an unintended ways) just for them to sell it to the highest bid. literally (check how Google or Facebook ads work). Unlike animals, that tend to connect with their source for food — did you ever try to speak to a human in Facebook customer service? We created a beast by giving up to our needs to connect, to be in the knows, to hear and get heard. From the beginning of days, the humankind was considered to be a social creature. Our information is its lifeblood and once more people will stop giving it away and governments will enforce it – the social networks and one particular search engine will need to reinvent themselves. But, when it comes to local government communications, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We see local governments in a never ending pursue for the next new cool social channel. Many times, it is solely for the reason it was the only way for these governments to actually ‘exist on mobile’. Their website analytics proved beyond any doubt that people are not browsing websites the way they used to before mobile and this trend is rapidly growing. Local governments web traffic is now coming from mobile devices.

Well, here’s the button line. Local government, now it is possible to subscribe to a mobile app and platform that was built with modern governments needs in mind alongside a unique user experience and privacy as core foundations. Rethink looking for the next social channel which plays out just like a moving target as generations change so is the apps and the way content is consumed. One thing is certain, mobile is not going anywhere. Just like it is a given fact that every local government has a website – get on It’sMyTown dedicated mobile platform now. Stop the race and allow your constituents and visitors a mobile choice that doesn’t require registration, a social account of any sort, nor collects or monetize personal information. Mobile, with no privacy concerns – it simply seems like the right thing to do.