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CityGuards for Police App

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Are you a Police Chief or Command Staff member searching for a Mobile App built to improve community-oriented policing? If any of the following is a department priority, you just found the solution that you have been searching for! 

  • Find your citizens on the device they use the most, mobile phone
  • Increase customer satisfaction with current information and curated online services
  • Develop the department’s positive reputation and build public trust


Interested in making modern services easy to access anywhere? 

  • Reduce 911 calls with quick non-emergency CrimeTips reporting
  • Geographic area-based notifications, like police beats or districts
  • Quick FAQ listings with voice search
  • Apply for a job or to volunteer with the department

CityGuards For Police App

One secure dashboard for all updates

CityGuards administrative portal is built from the ground up for non-technical people on staff to operate with simplicity and ease. The web-based mobile-friendly portal can be operated from anywhere with internet access. Our customers’ community policing units are sending area alerts from an iPad in their police patrol car.    

Authorized staff can publish alerts and newsflashes to CityGuards mobile-app and the department’s social channels with a check of a box, it’s that easy! 

CityGuards for Police is a mobile app and platform that has established a proven track record for enhancing community engagement between Police Officers and local residents and businesses. 

Connected is protected!

Get your community involved!

CityGuards empowers citizens to become involved with your community safety efforts and interact directly with your department. Residents can report a crime, hear the latest from your public safety officials, get quick access to essential online services, volunteer, participate in events, and get real-time alerts! Because we believe in privacy first – there is no registration required or user personal information gathered from your citizens. 

CityGuards For Police App



  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Data encryption 
  • Role and module based access controls
  • Ongoing updates 

Reliable infrastructure

  • Hosting for the website/app and data
  • Maintain 99.9% up-time
  • Better performance with multiple storage locations
  • Data backup and restore  

Customer service

Online services for CityGuards Police App

  • Training 
  • Platform back-end and front-end maintenance (web and mobile)
  • Technical support
  • Customer Success 
  • Contact us via phone, SMS, and email

Receive Crime Tips And Other Policing Related Issues From Citizens

Provide Access To Online Services Like Offenders Lists and Paying Fines

Educate The Public With Readiness and Crime Prevention Awareness

Share Department Achievements And Local Events. Recruit Officers

Provide quick access to non-emergency services. Citizens can access crime reports, request a police patrol while on vacation, and pay a traffic ticket.

Promote your events and community engagement. Stay engaged with your community by inviting them to participate in local events like open houses, fundraising, Coffee with a Cop, Touch-A-Truck, etc.

Enable residents to report concerns. Receive reports from your community regarding suspicious activity or crime tips including location, description and photos of the concern.

Share pertinent and timely news. Recognize your team’s efforts and publish public service announcements.

Find Police Stations. Allow your citizens to locate a station close to them, including its location and phone number.

Send breaking news alerts and important updates with notifications right to your citizens’ mobile devices.