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It’sMyTown Alpharetta App Keeps Residents on Track

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA September 4, 2018

After a friend’s recommendation, Alpharetta resident Jill Marber recently downloaded the new It’sMyTown Alpharetta City App to her phone. Later that day when preparing to drive her daughter to a dance class, she learned how useful it was.

With her phone parked neatly on the dash of her car, a beep notified Jill: road closure due to the Alpharetta Mayor’s 

Corporate Challenge 5K Race. She quickly recalculated her route to avoid the closure, then made it to dance and back home for a meeting, all on time.

The information that saved Jill’s evening came directly from city of Alpharetta staff.  They had taken advantage of the immediate and real-time alert notifications featured in the official It’sMyTown Alpharetta City App.

“As privacy concerns grow with respect to social media, it’s important to have a platform that brings real-time alerts and provides both privacy and security above all else,” said Ben Burnett, Alpharetta City Council member and information technology liaison.

The ability for municipalities to send residents and commuters alerts and updates is just one of the features that ITsMyTown Alpharetta’s developer, ITsimple, has recently released. And it’s part of an extensive roadmap of planned enhancements.

“It’sMyTown provides hyper-current and hyper-local information about a city, municipality, or association,” stated founder Ron Freeman.

“We’re creating awareness about community happenings that can have a big effect on everyday tasks – power outages, road construction, and other incidents. We’re also growing community engagement and participation by providing curated information about local amenities, stores, restaurants, organizations, and events.”

It’sMyTown also features content for residents who are new to Alpharetta, including a newcomer’s checklist of services and public places. The checklist is also useful for Realtors to share with their clients along with businesses that are new to the area.

In addition to the content constantly being added to the app, upcoming versions of It’sMyTown will include a map showing public parking locations and routes to reach them, in downtown Alpharetta.


About ITsimple

ITsimple is the developer of It’sMyTown, a smartphone app-based Content Management Platform where municipalities, associations, and businesses share information and real-time updates with residents, visitors, and commuters. Available to iOS and Android users, the app is backed by a cloud-based software as a service content management system and a secure administrative portal. ITsimple was founded in 2017 in Alpharetta, Georgia. We are simplifying people’s everyday lives by connecting city and community. Learn more at

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