A Mobile App for Local Governments

It'sMyTown Mobile App For Local Governments

Built For Community Engagement

It'sMyTown the official mobile app for local governments of any size

It’sMyTown is a mobile app solution that helps local governments share information, online services and real-time updates with residents and visitors wherever people are – on their device, their social media accounts, or on the go. We simplify people’s everyday lives by Connecting Communities.

It’sMyTown is the family-friendly city app for promoting community engagement.  Key Features include:

  • Publish local events and news updates
  • Send out notifications in real time to inform citizens
  • Receive issue reports and feedback from your community 24/7
  • Provide location and directions to public places such as municipal buildings, parks and recreation, parking, local businesses, and attractions
  • Publish public meetings, COVID-19 information, and polls for all constituents

No more privacy concerns

It’sMyTown is for everyone, the one inclusive app that removes any privacy concerns and social media dependency as no registration is needed by its users. It’sMyTown is currently available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store and features smart one tap button integration with the user’s phone calendar, messaging, navigation, car services, feedback and more. 

It'sMyTown Mobile App For Local Governments

It'sMyTown Mobile App For Local Governments


One secure dashboard for all updates

Our content management system, SpotlightCMS, is a web-based, user-friendly, secure customer portal that is used by designated staff to create real-time updates to It’sMyTown native-mobile app and integrated social channels (Facebook/Twitter) as a single point of data entry. 

SpotlightCMS is designed, built and tested from the ground up for non-technical people to operate.

We offer a turnkey solution with no IT investment required, so new customers can be up and running in no time!



  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Data encryption 
  • Role and module based access controls
  • Ongoing updates 

Reliable infrastructure

  • Hosting for the website/app and data
  • Maintain 99.9% up-time
  • Better performance with multiple storage locations
  • Data backup and restore  

Customer service

Online services for It'sMyTown Mobile App

  • Training 
  • Platform back-end and front-end maintenance (web and mobile)
  • Technical support
  • Customer Success 
  • Contact us via phone, SMS, and email