Increase voter turnout with smart communications

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It’s estimated that in the 2016 United States election only 57.9% of eligible voters actually cast a ballot. In the 2018 midterms, which historically have lower turnout than during Presidential years, the rate dropped to 49.3%. While a record number for a midterm, that’s still a lot of voices not being heard. Even with the impacts of Covid-19, all indications seem to point to 2020 as being a year that will break all existing participation records. That means that local governments not only need to be prepared for a wave of new voters, but also still work to increase participation among the 40+% of eligible voters who didn’t participate in either 2016 or 2018.

Of course, the pandemic has introduced a level of unprecedented uncertainty into the process. In Georgia, the primary election date itself changed. And as we’ve gained a better understanding of how the virus spreads, so too has the understanding of what we need to do to keep safe. Long story short, voters need better access to both information surrounding the issues that impact their lives and the services that will enable them to vote safely and successfully. How, then, to best inform your constituents of the issues that impact their lives while also providing the support necessary to increase voter participation (and do it safely)? By getting them access to the information and services they need, and by providing it where they already go to access information – their mobile device.

Democracy is at its best when citizens are informed and participate in the process. It’sMyTown by ITsimple can help inform your constituents about the issues and create the sense of community that inspires participation in the electoral process all from the convenience of their mobile device, work computer, or existing social channels. ITsimple’s community engagement platform can provide a centralized election resource center for your residents that gives them access to all the information and services they need to participate in our democracy as informed citizens while also doing so safely. With the It’sMyTown mobile app, your citizens can easily find information regarding their polling place and hours of availability – and just as importantly, when those change. They can arrange transportation to and from polling places with the tap of a button, or use the app to request absentee ballots. They can quickly access relevant news and information without having to search for it, because it’s all in one place. And they can be confident in their knowledge of the issues. It’sMyTown is an elegant solution that has no privacy concerns or social media dependency because no registration is required, and it requires no IT backend. When you’re ready to meet the communication demands of the times, ITsimple’s community engagement platform and the It’sMyTown mobile app can help you implement the communication strategy you need to ensure increased participation and a successful election.