Police Departments

We understand that building trust with residents and business owners can be a challenge. How does your Police Department make an impact on the community?

  • The ITsimple Police app connects and engages local police departments with residents, and local business owners
  • The app allows for valuable user input, feedback, and reporting
  • The app pulls from existing feeds and easily pushes out into critical mobile alert notifications
  • This powerful communication tool builds trust with residents and business owners


It'sMyTown city app

A content platform for police departments

The Police Department app has useful interactive features that allow residents to collaborate with the PD. Publish tips, the latest public safety news, and information.

Portal for PSD

ITsimple’s web-based secure portal that puts your Police Department staff in control. Delegate functions and content categories to the appropriate team. Enable content publication from the portal as needed for local events or to mobile for real-time alerts. Police Mobile App.

Police Mobile App

The Police Mobile App employs a user-first mindset. Actionable icons let users engage with the Police Department in a variety of ways from inside the single app. Keep citizens up-to-date with news on safety, regulations, and events.

Use cases


“Officers and their work deserve recognition from the people they are serving.”

Publicly recognize your outstanding officers and their work with endorsements from the community. This also helps attract new recruits!

Real-Time Alerts

“I can have the PD urgent alerts sent directly to my phone from a source that I can trust.”

Share vital information such as local crime activity alert, road closures, weather or service change directly to users in real-time with push notifications.

Environmental Conditions

“We appreciate having the local weather, power and traffic information, along with readiness guide. That’s where it may become handy.”

Provide one familiar and trusted place for local weather, road, and power outage information.

Community watch

“Our community safety determines our quality of life. Now, we have more eyes on the streets and we can support the work of our law enforcement.”

Improve response time, get crime tips and detailed Incidents directly from the community.

Public Records

“We want to know what is happening around us. We appreciate information transparency.”

Provide detailed listings on wanted persons or known offenders and allow quick reporting at the touch of a button.

Readiness Guide

“Our family knows where to go find accessible and relevant information, localized to our community, in times of urgency and need.”

Publish disaster or crisis scenarios preparation practice advise and update at any time, using our web-based portal.