We understand Cities

Grow community satisfaction and engagement.

  • Let residents and visitors easily discover and learn about your city or town’s offerings, services, and events.
  • Demonstrate transparency by sharing official news, updates, and accomplishments.
  • Increase community participation.


Learn about your residents.

  • Use the power of data analytics tools in a simple dashboard.
  • Leverage clear insights to build data-driven initiatives that attract residents, visitors, and businesses.


It'sMyTown city app

A content platform for local governments

It’sMyTown is a complete solution for engaging with your residents, visitors, and businesses. The powerful mobile app is backed by ITsimple’s secure content management platform.

Customer Portal

The web-based content portal puts your staff in control. Grant permission to departments to push content from the portal to the app using appropriated categories. Schedule content around city events or in real time.

It’sMyTown City App

Employs a user-first mindset. Actionable icons within the app let users perform a variety of tasks–contact the city, receive direct notifications from city staff, find more info about the city, save an event to their calendar and invite a friend, set reminders, find a car service–all from inside a single app!

Use cases

Parks & Leisure

“Nothing like exploring new green spots in town. Enjoy time with family and pets. Navigated there by a press of a button.”

Feature the city public places. sport and dog parks, museums, libraries, historical structures, nature trails, etc.

Real-Time Alerts

“Finally, I can have the city’s urgent alerts sent directly to my phone from a reliable source I can trust, immediately to my city app.”

Share vital information such as road closures, weather or service change alerts directly to users in real-time with push notifications.

Service Directory

“I was planning to add a bedroom to my house and needed guidance. I searched the word ‘build’ in the city app directory and got three relevant contacts. I emailed with a tap and got the right permits guy.”

Make the city services directory available and accessible to constituents.

Public Parking

“No time wasted. No parking violations.”

Parking information makes it easy for drivers to quickly navigate to the closest parking spot from within the app. List the city public locations on the city app.

City Hall News

“Awareness leads to involvement. City news in the city app is accessible and convenient. Now I know how my tax money is spent.”

Publish news about new developments, completed projects, parks and recreation, public works, and public safety achievements.

City Events

“Now I can easily find, save, and share the city events in one place.”

Optimize participation and preparation across emergency services i.e. fire, police, EMS. Publish, edit, or cancel an event on your schedule or in real-time.