Implement a Community Oriented Policing Service with CityGuards Mobile App

Many experts say communication is always the key. This is especially true if you are a local and trusted Sheriff or Police department in your community. Naturally, the more interaction that you have with your citizens, the more the department can interface and engage in solving public safety issues. Proper avenues of communication makes any Police or Sheriff department more proactive and creates trust with the citizens of the community. It is what is called COPS or Community Oriented Policing Services. In today’s world there are a myriad of opportunities using progressive technology. We are ITsimple and want to introduce you to our innovative technology platform. Our platform allows citizens quick reference to Crime Tips, Quick FAQ listings, find out how to volunteer with the department, and other community awareness events all by the tap of our app. Anyone in the community can download this app on IOS or Android devices. 

What is a Community Oriented Policing?

There are typically a few key items that Community Oriented Policing Services covers. 

1) Community Partnerships

This is between you and the people you serve or organizations within the community who make efforts to solve area problems. This builds collaboration and trust.

2) Organizational Transformation

This is the development of a mechanism or management system that organizes information and encourages positive growth with area partnerships thus producing more opportunities for awareness and public safety.

3) Solving problems

The more interaction with your community, the more ideas and tips come to your department with record speed time lending to more problems to be solved.  

We have multiple ways that the citizens of your fine town or city can get the most vital information on community meetings and important happenings, missing persons alerts, updates on virus outbreaks, safety precautions, and that is just for starters.

Visit us at our home plate, ITsimple and be in touch with us so we can get you set up for a demo. You won’t be anything but excited.

With ITsimple, we will get your community there and in record speed!

What is a Community Oriented Policing App?

The key is having it readily accessible “on the go” with a Smartphone (IOS/Android). That means you always have your communities’ eyes and ears on the road. This allows citizens to inform your department of anything they think suspicious and that you would want to know about. By a community member simply entering any suspicious information into the app, your department will get messaged about this activity. It will cut down on non-emergency 911 calls while getting your Sherriff or Police department the critical information to investigate. That is the ultimate crime watch effort.

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CityGuards for Police App

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Geared for your daily operations and your residents privacy

A police app and much more!

Are you a Police Chief or Command Staff member searching for a Mobile App built to improve community-oriented policing? If any of the following is a department priority, you just found the solution that you have been searching for! 

  • Find your citizens on the device they use the most, mobile phone
  • Increase customer satisfaction with current information and curated online services
  • Develop the department’s positive reputation and build public trust


Interested in making modern services easy to access anywhere? 

  • Reduce 911 calls with quick non-emergency CrimeTips reporting
  • Geographic area-based notifications, like police beats or districts
  • Quick FAQ listings with voice search
  • Apply for a job or to volunteer with the department

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