Budgeting for ADA compliance?

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Mobile is ADA compliant

Prior to investing taxpayer money to upgrade your website to comply with ADA requirements, you might want to read this first!

Prioritizing accessibility for people with disabilities is absolutely essential. Current ADA federal guidelines require local governments to allocate additional resources to make significant changes to their websites in order to remain complaint.

While evaluating the best options for their local governments, administrators should collect appropriate data on their current website traffic and consider the following options. In our experience, more than 60% of website traffic to municipal government websites originate from mobile devices (and this trend is rapidly increasing everyday).

Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket & paying tens of thousands of dollars on enhancing your current website, consider the possibilities of implementing a mobile app strategy. Mobile apps are inherently ADA complaint by design & mobile apps allow SMART cities to leverage technology to connect with their communities in a meaningful way by reaching them where they already are, on mobile.

The future is mobile & it may be the perfect time to bring mobile into the mix; especially if you are currently considering a costly web redesign. Ask us how ITsimple can help you become ADA compliant faster. A mobile app doesn’t require redesign or costly ADA updates. We make ITsimple, so you can plant the SMART city seeds without investing in additional technical resources or staff.

Connect with your community where people are. We can help and make IT simple. Click here to ask us how.