About Us

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ITsimple was born when a seasoned entrepreneur relocated with his family to a new state and quickly realized when researching the basics of his new community (schools, healthcare facilities, recreational parks and activities, grocery stores, shopping, local events etc.) that the mass of online resources weren’t locally focused. In fact, it was much more challenging to find valid, updated, and reliable information focused on where they actually lived than it needed to be. ITsimple was created from the desire to solve this problem and built a solution where local governments could not only provide centralized access to community information, but also provide access to services and the ability to transmit critical public information in real-time when necessary.


Our vision is to Simplify People’s Everyday Life by Connecting Communities leveraging technology. That encompasses not only the local governments who leverage SpotlightCMS to streamline their content publication and management, provide access to services, and provide a platform for community engagement, but also the It’sMyTown end users who need better access to local community information and resources. Our approach is from a user-first mindset where privacy plays a significant role in our creations. ITsimple is committed to keep innovating and developing software helping local governments to serve their communities better! 

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Our logo features the four elements of life: earth, water, air, and fire. We believe that technology is the fifth element, serving the cause of simplicity. Technology is now a part of our lives in ways that it never was before. Whether via the web or a mobile device, citizens are always connected. We believe democratic governments have an opportunity, and even an obligation, to better use technology to inform their citizens in ways that make their overall community better and give value to their citizens. We believe governments can leverage technology to save themselves time and resources while also building community engagement and providing value to their citizens.