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It’sMyTown is the complete community engagement solution.

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City Content Management

Enable city residents and visitors to easily find and learn more about city parks, points of interest and services. Share City Hall happenings and accomplishments and explain how tax money is spent.  Optimize city events and increase resident participation.  Report communications from elected officials and achievements by city staff.

Real Time

Send Real-Time city alerts and announcements to user smartphones. Publish content simply by using our customer secure portal. Get more eyes on the streets, allowing residents to report city 311 issues directly from their smartphones, leveraging location and camera services. Automate sending report status feedback. Connect with your community.

Design and Development

Getting city content out is quick and easy. Save time and money on your limited IT and marketing resources. Have your city departments freely publish content directly to users without jeopardizing your website. We will design and develop dedicated mobile/web pages for you, enabling your staff to freely edit content and publish at all times.

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Visitors and Guests – Welcome!

Visitors, Guests, shoppers coming to town, are all seeking to enjoy and leverage what the town has to offer. Vibrant and welcoming city, brings business to town. With more business, your community thrives.

Get Your Business STAND OUT

Drive more customers to your shop. We take the design & development hassle, so you focus on what you do best and leave IT to us. And… we’ll make it very easy for users to interact with your business. Ask us how.

Yes, we know. Analytics

Leveraging leading technologies in Big Data Analytics, we provide our customers path to great business insights based on apps use patterns and preferences. Insights that matters as it’s focused on your town.

Cities love It’sMyTown

I send notifications about road closures or events to residents and to our social media channels with the tap of a button. We’re serving residents even when city staff are home for the weekend.”

James Drinkard Assistant City Administrator

It’sMyTown allows us to provide services to our community that were previously either scattered or impossible. Information is in the one place that residents, visitors, and businesses use most often: their smartphone. We are now proactively and efficiently communicating with our community.

Jim Gilvin Alpharetta Mayor

“As privacy concerns grow with respect to social media, it’s important to have a platform that brings real-time alerts and provides both privacy and security above all else.”

Ben Burnett Alpharetta City Council, Technology

“The Alpharetta CVB is excited for the innovative, informative and useful technology app for the residents and visitors of Alpharetta. It’sMyTown is a great platform for our city visitors to find local hotels, restaurants and events, and learn about the great things that Alpharetta has to offer. We are delighted with getting on board.”

Janet Rodgers President & CEO@Awesome Alpharetta
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One user-friendly app, focused on Your Town!

Smartphoner – 1

No matter who you are, a resident, guest of friends or family, just moved to town, daily work commuter or a visitor in the city, for business or for pleasure.

Smartphoner – 2

You will find our mobile apps very helpful to get around, keep yourself entertained and in the know of what’s happening in town!

Smartphoner – 3

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive an immediate alert? from the city when a main road in town is blocked for repair, maintenance or a major event is taking place?

Smartphoner – 4

Do you know about the FREE services and activities your city offers? Don’t disappoint your child missing a family movie night in the park because you couldn’t remember where you saw an ad?

Smartphoner – 5

Get involved. Report a city 311 issue as you discover it. Take a picture, auto submit the location and get notified when the city addressed the issue.


“With restaurants changing all the time, I can check the listings even when I’m on Canton Street!”

MJ, Roswell

“Hallelujah! This app has been needed for so long! And I’m delighted that it’s created and launched in my own backyard! Great work!”

Colleen, Roswell

“Saturday night at Home After Dark at Brooke St park, I wound up giving a family I met there a bunch of info about ItsMyTown and ITsimple. I will promote the app as much as possible as I think it is great.”

Craig S, Alpharetta


Latest News

It’sMyTown Alpharetta featured in Alpharetta Mayor’s YouTube Channel

We’ve hit YouTube!

This week Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin featured It’sMyTown Alpharetta in his latest “A Minute with Mayor Jim Gilvin” YouTube series installment. He describes the app and how it helps residents and visitors learn what’s happening in the city – or as Mayor Gilvin says, “It helps you keep Alpharetta in your pocket.”

Check out the video below, and give it a thumbs up if you’re so inclined!


It’sMyTown Alpharetta App Keeps Residents on Track

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA September 4, 2018

After a friend’s recommendation, Alpharetta resident Jill Marber recently downloaded the new It’sMyTown Alpharetta City App to her phone. Later that day when preparing to drive her daughter to a dance class, she learned how useful it was.

With her phone parked neatly on the dash of her car, a beep notified Jill: road closure due to the Alpharetta Mayor’s 


ITsimple announces City of Alpharetta to adopt the It’sMyTown Alpharetta City App

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA May 7, 2018–  Alpharetta’s City Council unanimously voted for the staff of the City of Alpharetta to enter into a contract with Alpharetta based ITsimple. As a part of its Real-Time City Content Platform, ITsimple created the It’sMyTown City App, serving residents and visitors with a user-friendly and city-focused app.

The It’sMyTown City App contains Alpharetta-based information such as local city events and news, city directory


About Us

Starting with our VISION to Simplify People’s Everyday Life, leveraging today’s TECHNOLOGY, and through our MISSION statement of Connecting City and Community, we approach everything with a user-first mindset.


Just like us, you are a resident, visitor or daily commuter. Just like us, you use your smartphone daily. We refer to ourselves as: “Smartphoners”.


Hello There. Thank you for visiting our website, we truly appreciate your interest and time.

In our logo we carry the four elements of life, by choice. We all know that before Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the world was quite a challenging place to live in. Just like the four basic elements of life, we decided to add our own and make TECHNOLOGY the fifth element, serving the cause of SIMPLICITY.

At ITsimple, we understand that family and friends come first. Then community, where we live, work and play. That was our motivation to create the ITsMyTown Real-Time City Content Platform includes a mobile city App that is 100% focused on a specific city, a Content Management System (CMS), a Secure Portal, as well as supporting infrastructure.

City official or staff? Business owner in the community? See what it’s all about. Learn how our platform can serve you best !



Our Story


If you have the time and interest, here is our story: It started following a thorough research, where our founder relocated his family to a city in the south east, while having some excellent alternatives in silicon valley’s best technology companies.
A surprise to his friends and career buddies. To get his family acclimated in a new town they needed to research the basics such as schools, sports, wellness, grocery stores, shopping, and locate the closest medical facilities. During this process it became apparent that, even with internet searches and many online resources, it was not that easy to find valid, updated and reliable local information focused solely on their town. “Too many tools, too many outdated search results, too much time and energy wasted”.


Once our Founder and his family moved in to their new community, he found out from friends and neighbors that his family needs, were common to many American families.
Considering his experience with startups and holding multiple global positions for the biggest tech companies, our Founder decided to take action and meet the need head-on. Many nights he spent in his home office, designing, sketching and wire framing what he envisioned as the solution. A solution to “Simplify People’s Everyday Life while Connecting City and Community”.
It took a while before others could understand and share his vision for a solution, but that is the nature of startups. Today there is more interest and demand than ever expected, everybody is on board realizing the need. It was only a matter of time when we all realized why he named it → ITsMyTown.


People often ask us whether our company logo has a meaning. To our founder, it does. “Our logo contains the four elements of life: EARTH, WATER, AIR and FIRE. Without one of the elements, life and the existence of mankind is very questionable. Thanks to these four basic elements, humanity evolved to create a fifth one: TECHNOLOGY. In a world of electric cars, smart homes, smartphones, DNA testing, multi-channel fiber optic networks, solar and gas energy, non-invasive laser surgeries and satellites in space, all once was only visions of its inventors – all simplified our lives and prolonged life expectancy. Leveraging TECHNOLOGY, I feel that Connecting City and Community is our MISSION, and we can definitely accomplish this – ITsimple”.

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