Backed by ITsimple’s powerful, secure content management platform, It’sMyTown is the complete community engagement solution.

For cities

Inform your residents when they need it most in the device they use the most

For CVBs

Get visitors coming to experience what the city has to offer

For Firefighters

The app for Fire Departments connects and engages the local community


The app for Police connects and engages the local community

Our services

Technical Free

Leave the technical to us. Content only, please. Leverage our winning app templates to quickly bring your branded app and content online. Take advantage of numerous third-party website and app integrations. Easily manage department-specific permissions.

Content management

Using our secure web-based portal, our customers can generate, edit and publish content to their mobile apps, with a user-friendly interface from just about any device.

Community Engagement

Build resident engagement and satisfaction with issues reporting, leveraging location services and camera services. Close the loop with automated status updates.

Smart City

Internet Of Things or IOT is happening. It means many sensors trying to make our lives easier and optimize resources. One mobile app is the access gateway to all things city, in one place.

Push Alerts

Publish urgent alerts where they’ll be seen. Immediate alerts in real-time or schedule breaking news from our secure portal to users’ phones and your social channels.

Go Mobile

More than 80% of Americans use their smartphones for online services. We bring municipalities, public safety departments and CVBs to mobile in no time. We make IT simple.

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Latest News

ITsimple at the GA government communicators conference

On August 15, ITsimple was honored to speak with this wonderful group of people at the GA local government communicators conference in Athens. Together, we explored how current technology supports engagement with constituents and visitors where they are spending most of their time online – mobile phones. From describing the evolution […]

The city of Alpharetta guidebook features It’sMyTown city app

The city of Alpharetta guidebook features It’sMyTown city app as one of the latest developments of the ‘Technology City Of The South’. The user-friendly mobile app that is being used by thousands of people helps residents and visitors to stay on track with the latest happenings in the city of […]

It’sMyTown Alpharetta featured in Alpharetta Mayor’s YouTube Channel

We’ve hit YouTube! This week Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin featured It’sMyTown Alpharetta in his latest “A Minute with Mayor Jim Gilvin” YouTube series installment. He describes the app and how it helps residents and visitors learn what’s happening in the city – or as Mayor Gilvin says, “It helps you […]

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About Us


ITsimple was born when a seasoned entrepreneur relocated with his family to a new state. To acclimate to their new city and community, the family researched the basics: schools, sports teams, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, shopping, etc. They quickly realized that among the mass of online and app-based resources, it was challenging to find valid, updated, and reliable local information focused on their town. The entrepreneur decided to create a solution to provide curated content for residents, visitors and businesses alike. “A solution to Connect City and Community”.


Our logo features the four elements of life: earth, water, air, and fire. Before these elements were created, the world was quite a challenging place. We believe that technology is the fifth element, serving the cause of simplicity. Like us, you are a local resident or business somewhere. Like us, you use your smartphone daily.

Our vision is, to simplify people’s everyday life by leveraging today’s technology. Our mission is, connecting city and community. Our approach is from a user-first mindset.


Family and friends come first at ITsimple. We believe that community, where we live, work and play, comes next because of the important role it plays for our family and friends. That’s why we created the ITsimple cloud-based content platform that features a Content Management System (CMS) and its user-friendly web-based portal, and an intuitive mobile app that is 100% focused on a specific city — We named it . Now, communities are getting real-time content, directly from the source – the city.

We make IT simple.

Interested in joining the ITsimple team? Tell us why at


Privacy. Europe and the state of CA are taking action. It’sMyTown was built for local governments with users privacy first in mind. Get on the platform now

In our last blog, we shared mind around how a responsive website isn’t a native mobile app and doesn’t match the usability or functionality of a mobile app. Let’s talk about users privacy. It’s already common news that Facebook was fined ~$5 billion for violating users privacy. ‘LaLiga’ The official […]

Responsive website Vs. a Mobile App?

We see many local Gov. websites coming to maturity nowadays. With that, comes the need for smarter government engagement media’s. ADA requirements, video and voice are no strangers to a ‘website upgrade’ requirements and bids out there. They are all very important and budgets are directed that way. The common […]

The rise of municipal mobile apps

Last week, at the state of Georgia municipal association (GMA) annual convention in the beautiful city of Savannah, ITsimple and its civic content platform have gotten more validation than it could ever wish for. Stating the obvious sometimes seems unnecessary, yet we feel the urge to say it again ‘MOBILE […]

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Cities love It’sMyTown

I send notifications about road closures or events to residents and to our social media channels with the tap of a button. We’re serving residents even when city staff are home for the weekend.”

James Drinkard Assistant City Administrator

It’sMyTown allows us to provide services to our community that were previously either scattered or impossible. Information is in the one place that residents, visitors, and businesses use most often: their smartphone. We are now proactively and efficiently communicating with our community.

Jim Gilvin Alpharetta Mayor

“As privacy concerns grow with respect to social media, it’s important to have a platform that brings real-time alerts and provides both privacy and security above all else.”

Ben Burnett Alpharetta City Council, Technology

“The Alpharetta CVB is excited for the innovative, informative and useful technology app for the residents and visitors of Alpharetta. It’sMyTown is a great platform for our city visitors to find local hotels, restaurants and events, and learn about the great things that Alpharetta has to offer. We are delighted with getting on board.”

Janet Rodgers President & CEO@Awesome Alpharetta


“With restaurants changing all the time, I can check the listings even when I’m on Canton Street!”

MJ, Roswell

“Hallelujah! This app has been needed for so long! And I’m delighted that it’s created and launched in my own backyard! Great work!”

Colleen, Roswell

“Saturday night at Home After Dark at Brooke St park, I wound up giving a family I met there a bunch of info about ItsMyTown and ITsimple. I will promote the app as much as possible as I think it is great.”

Craig S, Alpharetta

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